Recent Contributions

A Storied Past by synthlib on Sep 06, 2016 Juno 6/60

Relaxed, light lead tone reminiscent of vintage movie soundtracks. The Juno 6 has stable oscillators, but we use the LFO to make it sound unstable.

Categories: lead

MoonBeam by synthlib on Aug 30, 2016 Juno 6/60

LFO-modulated pulse width plus a darker filter make for some spacey, moving chords.

Categories: ambient, pwm

Mono Fuzzy Lead by synthlib on Aug 27, 2016 ESQ-1

Monophonic lead tone with a bit of growl on the attack and a touch of glide between notes.

Categories: lead

Shimmerd by synthlib on Aug 25, 2016 ESQ-1

Rhythmic shimmering from LFO-controlled amp and filter. Gradually brightens as notes are held, and swooshes darker as notes are released.

Categories: bright, rhythmic

Verbed by synthlib on Aug 23, 2016 ESQ-1

The ESQ-1 has no reverb, but this eerie patch makes it sound like it does with long release times and LFO-modulated pitch during the release. It also shows how to use some of the less-standard oscillator waves.

Categories: bright, ambient, light, vintage

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