Recent Contributions

nasal FM pluck by Daniel on Nov 09, 2016 Mother-32

From the Throat by catchin__ on Oct 18, 2016 Mother-32

Categories: plucked, delay, LFO, analog

Breton Paddles by catchin__ on Oct 11, 2016 Mother-32

Reverb and delay to flavor.

Categories: plucked, sequence, clean, square, analog

rated by 1 synth nerd

Mintaka's Horn by catchin__ on Oct 11, 2016 Mother-32

Horns from the blue plant.

Categories: brass, horn, LFO

Pomp by synthlib on Sep 30, 2016 microKORG

A sort of classic synth tone with analog waves and filter cutoff controlled by the envelope with plenty of resonance. Chorus and delay round it out.

Categories: basic, resonance, analog

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