Hammond B3 Patches

Is the Hammond B3 a synth? We think so. The drawbars control the harmonic makeup of the sound—sounds like a synth. These B3 drawbar settings should work for any Hammond tonewheel organ with drawbars: A-100, C3, even “M” and “L” series, plus all the clones as well (Korg CX-3, etc.). Use these as a starting point and change while playing. (Especially leslie speed of course.)

60's Solo by adam (synthlib) on Apr 21, 2016

Bright, vintage lead

Categories: lead, organ

Gospel by adam (synthlib) on Oct 08, 2015

The highest drawbar at 8 gives it a bright presence. Add leslie on high to bring it home.

Categories: organ, gospel

Steve Winwood’s full organ

Categories: organ

Jimmy Smith by adam (synthlib) on Sep 24, 2015

Jazzy solo setup

Categories: organ, jazz

Jamaica by adam (synthlib) on Sep 24, 2015

Light and playful

Categories: organ

Green Onions by adam (synthlib) on Sep 24, 2015

Categories: organ

Classic Hymns by adam (synthlib) on Sep 24, 2015

Worship setting for hymns

Categories: gospel, organ