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Ensoniq ESQ-1 presets

Digital Wave Synthesizer. This gem of a synth offers three digital oscillators, each with its own digitally controlled amplifier (DCA), which are mixed together to pass through its analog low pass filter. Modulation of pitch, volume, filter cutoff, etc. can be achieved using its three LFOs and/or its four envelopes. These ESQ-1 patches should also work nicely with any ESQ1 software emulation or with the Ensoniq SQ-80.

Auron by IBM on Oct 31, 2018

Deep expressive pad with slow attack and decay. Mod wheel lightly increases cutoff/noise to add richer choral effect.

Categories: pad, ambient, atmospheric

rated by 3 synth nerds

Aries by IBM on Oct 31, 2018

Harsh, but rich sawtooth lead-y thing with moderate decay.

Categories: lead, saw

rated by 1 synth nerd

Matty Blades by Matt Luney on Feb 18, 2018 6

CS80 “Blade Runner” Brass Sound, GREAT with a good reverb!!!! The audio mix also has a lower pad below it to help the lead shine. the last half of the audio is dry with no reverb, only the melody is the patch here for download.

Categories: brass

rated by 5 synth nerds

SnaDrm by adam (synthlib) on Jun 30, 2017

Well, isn’t exactly a snare drum, but it can serve the same purpose.

Categories: percussion

WOOD 3 by bluesgut on Jun 07, 2017

“cross between a marimba and steel drum. for tuned percussion parts” -From Tansoniq Hacker issue #30, pg. 24 (Credit to Mescal Music)

Categories: percussion, clean

JUNKER by bluesgut on Jun 07, 2017

Example of AM feature. This recreates the sound of an old Volkswagon or lawnmower motor, complete with “a loose nut on the carburetor” From Transoniq Hacker Issue #30, pg. 21 (Credit to Jim Johnson)

Categories: sound effect

Kikit by adam (synthlib) on Jan 03, 2017 2

Here’s another bass drum. Cleaner and punchier than my last attempt. The sample shows off this patch alone, then part of a pattern.

Categories: percussion

Mono Fuzzy Lead by adam (synthlib) on Aug 27, 2016

Monophonic lead tone with a bit of growl on the attack and a touch of glide between notes.

Categories: lead

Shimmerd by adam (synthlib) on Aug 25, 2016

Rhythmic shimmering from LFO-controlled amp and filter. Gradually brightens as notes are held, and swooshes darker as notes are released.

Categories: rhythmic, bright

Verbed by adam (synthlib) on Aug 23, 2016 1

The ESQ-1 has no reverb, but this eerie patch makes it sound like it does with long release times and LFO-modulated pitch during the release. It also shows how to use some of the less-standard oscillator waves.

Categories: ambient, bright, light, vintage

rated by 2 synth nerds

Vintage Dirt by adam (synthlib) on Aug 02, 2016 4

Unstable-sounding oscillators plus some noise make for a vintage tone. Use it sparingly to accent certain chords.

Categories: dirty, power, vintage

rated by 2 synth nerds

Zipper Bass by adam (synthlib) on Jul 18, 2016

This synth bass has some sizzle on the attack, but not too overpowering. Osc sync gives it a unique texture.

Categories: bass, sync

Wicked Game by adam (synthlib) on Jul 07, 2016

Not that wicked game. This one sounds like a video game tone, but creepy. Use as an effect or transitioner.

Categories: transition, weird

Radzic by adam (synthlib) on Jun 28, 2016 1

Two sine waves detuned and synced provide sizzle and rhythm with a smooth tone in the background. Named after my old friend, Gene.

Categories: sync, rhythmic

StringnBrass by adam (synthlib) on Jun 14, 2016

Sort of brassy, sort of stringey at the same time. The envelope controls the filter cutoff making it feel dynamic.

Categories: brass, strings

Ghostly by adam (synthlib) on May 21, 2016

Haunting lead with panning and extra, unexpected voices

Categories: lead, sound effect

Sync Lead by adam (synthlib) on May 11, 2016

That “wow” sound comes from using oscillator sync together with envelope control of Oscillator 2’s frequency.

Categories: sync, lead

Brazzy by adam (synthlib) on Apr 28, 2016

Brass-like tone not meant to mimic actual brass instruments. Useful for short, prominent chords. Longer notes brighten up over time.

Categories: chords, brass

rated by 1 synth nerd

Rock Organ by adam (synthlib) on Apr 25, 2016

Full organ with lots of harmonics and a cheesy, but effective leslie simulation on the mod wheel.

Categories: organ

Wobly1 by adam (synthlib) on Apr 12, 2016

LFO controlled filter modulation at a moderate speed makes these chords wobble.

Categories: chords, wobble


ESQ-1 Patch Usage

To load a patch sysex file, set up the ESQ-1 to receive sysex data: press the “Master” button and set ENABLE=KEYS+CT+PC+SS+SX. Then access any of the program select pages (where you choose a sound to play). Send the sysex data from your computer using any sysex utility. Upon completion, the ESQ-1 should prompt you to save the new patch. Play keys to audition the patch before saving.

If nothing happens when sending the file from the computer, try setting up the ESQ-1 to receive on different MIDI channels on the “Master” page.

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