Recent Contributions

VowPow by synthlib on Jan 09, 2017 microKORG

Percussive blip with a hint of human vowel.

Categories: percussive

BD1 by synthlib on Jan 04, 2017 Mother-32

Sounds like a bass drum in the lower range, maybe toms or snare in the upper. Extend the EG decay for those longer, sustained kicks.

Categories: percussion

Kikit by synthlib on Jan 03, 2017 ESQ-1

Here’s another bass drum. Cleaner and punchier than my last attempt. The sample shows off this patch alone, then part of a pattern.

Categories: percussion

Moogy Lead by synthlib on Jan 01, 2017 microKORG

A nice moog-style mono tone with a touch of glide and added brightness with higher velocity.

Categories: lead, mono

hancedigg by yohance Willims on Dec 25, 2016 Circuit

Categories: mellow

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