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Mellow BoC-inspired detuned lead with lots of delay, mod wheel controls filter cutoff

Categories: lead, melodic, mono, delay, ambient, detune, clean, mellow, lo-fi, LFO, analog, downtempo

first patch by average grief on Jan 10, 2018 Mother-32

no idea here

Round Bass by John Kelly on Dec 13, 2017 Mother-32

Just storing a nice bass patch.

Categories: bass

Ivan bass 1 by ivanb on Oct 23, 2017 Mother-32

Nice smooth funk bass

Categories: bass

rated by 1 synth nerd

Randomizer by goldkalb on Sep 03, 2017 Mother-32

use vc mix to increase randomness. dont know if all the patching makes really sense but it was fun so what. feel free to correct me!

Categories: plucked, acoustic, random

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