Recent Contributions

A very dark and haunting bass from an earlier time

Categories: bass, mono, analog

Swing whoosh sound effect, like when swinging a golf club or tennis racket. Play a short note while flicking the mod wheel from top to bottom. Might take a few tries but has a pretty satisfying sound. Created by modifying the wind on a Korg preset (I c…

Categories: sound effect, noise

Ice chittering, kind of a shivering shaking xylophone knees kind of thing. Adjust the Arp A tempo and delay time/depth to suit the tempo and openness of your music. Created by modifying Thor’s Toy Piano (Thoracius Appotite).

Categories: delay, clean, atmospheric

Kind of a fluttery string tremolo sound. Uses two timbres, to double up the octave. If you want to play fast or sound more keys at once, switch the Voice > Single/Layer from Layer to Single (at the expense of doubling the octave).

Categories: strings, stutter

Quasi-realistic solo harpsichord sound. Very simplistic setup. May want to slightly adjust Amp EG release depending on speed of music being played.

Categories: basic, acoustic, clean