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One finger plays a dark sounding arpeggio on top of an evolving bass note. I may come back and fill in all the params at some point, but meanwhile you can load the sysex.

Categories: bass, arpeggio

SnaDrm by synthlib on Jun 30, 2017 ESQ-1

Well, isn’t exactly a snare drum, but it can serve the same purpose.

Categories: percussion

AFX by Waggz on Jun 18, 2017 Mother-32 1


Categories: lead, dark

WOOD 3 by bluesgut on Jun 07, 2017 ESQ-1

“cross between a marimba and steel drum. for tuned percussion parts” -From Tansoniq Hacker issue #30, pg. 24 (Credit to Mescal Music)

Categories: percussion, clean

JUNKER by bluesgut on Jun 07, 2017 ESQ-1

Example of AM feature. This recreates the sound of an old Volkswagon or lawnmower motor, complete with “a loose nut on the carburetor” From Transoniq Hacker Issue #30, pg. 21 (Credit to Jim Johnson)

Categories: sound effect

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