Moog Mother-32 Patches

Moog Mother-32 presets

Analog, semi-modular synth which can be integrated into Eurorack modular setups. Patches here are for a single Mother-32 module with patching among its own connections.

nice ambient generative guitar sound

use another LFO (external) in MULT IN. this LFO must be amount 60%, rate 20% sine wave

Categories: ambient, noise

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RAndomM aLPK by ALPACA ELETTRICO on Jan 03, 2019

a full random sequence generator.
for more happiness play with VCO Mod amount, Pulse widht, Mix and VC Mix

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first patch by average grief on Jan 10, 2018

no idea here

Round Bass by John Kelly on Dec 13, 2017

Just storing a nice bass patch.

Categories: bass

Ivan bass 1 on Oct 23, 2017

Nice smooth funk bass

Categories: bass

rated by 3 synth nerds

Randomizer by goldkalb on Sep 03, 2017

use vc mix to increase randomness. dont know if all the patching makes really sense but it was fun so what. feel free to correct me!

Categories: acoustic, plucked, random

AFX by Waggz on Jun 18, 2017 1


Categories: lead, dark

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Forbidden Id by flatlandcycle on Jun 06, 2017

syfy bubbliness on Mother-32 plus Echo from Behringer RV600
self generating, play empty sequence

Categories: weird, sound effect

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ASSIGN (8) Randomly triggers LFO, LFO triggers RUN/STOP
Derived from @zacharyradford “Moog Mother 32 Self-playing Patch” on Youtube.

Categories: weird, random

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Funky Lead by Frahmwork on Apr 17, 2017

Fat funky lead sound with PWM. You can modulate the puls width by using the mod wheel—provided your master keyboard sends the mod wheel control change messages on MIDI CC #1.

Categories: lead

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Star Wars by Frahmwork on Mar 27, 2017

Typical laser sound. Play with the LFO rate to give the sound more expression.

Categories: light, sound effect

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Theremin by Frahmwork on Mar 26, 2017

This preset is based on SynthLib’s Rockmore preset. It produces the famous Theremin sound. In contrast to SynthLib’s Rockmore, this preset allows you to use the modulation wheel of your master keyboard in order to change the sound volume. This is an im…

Categories: theremin

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Jump Up The Pam by Frahmwork on Mar 25, 2017 2

Nice Eurodance bass sound. In case you do not feel the need to dance, consult your doctor. ;-)

Categories: bass

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BD1 by adam (synthlib) on Jan 04, 2017

Sounds like a bass drum in the lower range, maybe toms or snare in the upper. Extend the EG decay for those longer, sustained kicks.

Categories: percussion

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nasal FM pluck by Daniel on Nov 09, 2016

From the Throat by catchin__ on Oct 18, 2016

Categories: analog, delay, LFO, plucked

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Breton Paddles by catchin__ on Oct 11, 2016

Reverb and delay to flavor.

Categories: plucked, sequence, clean, square, analog

rated by 7 synth nerds

Mintaka's Horn by catchin__ on Oct 11, 2016 3

Horns from the blue plant.

Categories: brass, horn, LFO

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Dirty Sample & Hold by RayGunMD on Jul 30, 2016

Sample & Hold using High Pass

Categories: random


Mother-32 Patch Usage

Some knobs are represented as 0-100% while others are -50 to 50. Hopefully it makes sense.

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Episode 012 - Moog Mother-32