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Korg Poly 800 presets

Analog synth from the 80’s with two DCOs, three EGs, a 24db/oct filter, chorus. A popular choice for modification.

Squirly by synthlib on May 27, 2016

Filter resonance is set pretty high while the cutoff is modulated dramatically with an envelope. Starts out sounding like a percussive sound, then evolves into a pad-like sustain.

Categories: pad, resonance, sweep

Bright Organ by synthlib on Apr 26, 2016

Creating a decent organ patch for the Poly 800 proved to be difficult. Here’s an attempt.

Categories: organ

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Vahmn by synthlib on Mar 31, 2016

Wobbly chords. Adjust the LFO speed for faster or slower wobble

Categories: chords, wobble

Zorra by synthlib on Mar 16, 2016

Fuzzy, simple bass patch with almost no filter or envelope. Super basic.

Categories: basic, bass

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Plinkoo by synthlib on Mar 07, 2016

Pluckey percussive thing. Useful in place of marimba or even plucked bass.

Categories: percussive

Sunday Morning by synthlib on Feb 22, 2016

Crisp, clean lead tone with limited harmonics providing focus. The sample shows off rapid arpeggios followed by simpler chords.

Categories: lead, clean

Mello Yello by synthlib on Feb 10, 2016

Nice, warm pad with slow build and long release

Categories: pad

Brassy Wah by synthlib on Feb 04, 2016

Nice, big attack with a little brassy flavor useful for chords, bass or leads

Categories: bass, chord, brass

BWAAH by synthlib on Jan 22, 2016

Clean synth bass with a closing envelope on the filter and a touch of resonance.

Categories: bass, resonance

Darkside by synthlib on Jan 12, 2016

Excited and dark at the same time. Useful for punchy and sustained chords.

Categories: dark, resonance

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Noise Transitioner by synthlib on Dec 31, 2015

It transitions…with noise…from one part to another part of yer song.

Categories: noise, transition

Full Beard by synthlib on Dec 16, 2015

Sonically dense and dark gradually expanding in tone to become bright. Makes for an interesting base to build upon.

Categories: pad, bright, dark

ThatBass by synthlib on Dec 03, 2015

Here’s yet another bass patch. Slightly different from others around here. Maybe this is the one you were looking for :)

Categories: bass

Come Back Here by synthlib on Nov 25, 2015

Starts with a quick attack/decay for a percussive saw wave tone, gradually returning to full volume and quickly released.

Categories: staccato, bright, saw, percussive

Lingery by synthlib on Nov 18, 2015

Medium attack swooshes in the filter, then we cut off one oscillator quickly while letting the other linger on.

Categories: chord, bright

ResoB by synthlib on Nov 13, 2015

Almost a wah-like bass. Added resonance makes it talk.

Categories: bass, resonance

Fatness Squared by synthlib on Nov 09, 2015

Fuzz and whistle split an octave apart—great for parallel octaves or contrary motion.

Categories: bass, saw

FuzBah by synthlib on Nov 05, 2015

Staccato chords. Try adding tempo-synced delay to liven it up.

Categories: staccato, percussive

Darky Dark by synthlib on Nov 05, 2015

From the synthlib podcast, this is the intro tone. A dark tone moving bright. Nice for sequences or bass.

Categories: bass, sequence, dark

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Basic by synthlib on Nov 05, 2015

Poly-800 hello world patch

Categories: basic


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