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Korg Poly 800 presets

Analog synth from the 80’s with two DCOs, three EGs, a 24db/oct filter, chorus. A popular choice for modification.

Squirly by adam (synthlib) on May 27, 2016

Filter resonance is set pretty high while the cutoff is modulated dramatically with an envelope. Starts out sounding like a percussive sound, then evolves into a pad-like sustain.

Categories: sweep, pad, resonance

Bright Organ by adam (synthlib) on Apr 26, 2016

Creating a decent organ patch for the Poly 800 proved to be difficult. Here’s an attempt.

Categories: organ

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Vahmn by adam (synthlib) on Mar 31, 2016

Wobbly chords. Adjust the LFO speed for faster or slower wobble

Categories: chords, wobble

Zorra by adam (synthlib) on Mar 16, 2016

Fuzzy, simple bass patch with almost no filter or envelope. Super basic.

Categories: bass, basic

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Plinkoo by adam (synthlib) on Mar 07, 2016

Pluckey percussive thing. Useful in place of marimba or even plucked bass.

Categories: percussive

Sunday Morning by adam (synthlib) on Feb 22, 2016

Crisp, clean lead tone with limited harmonics providing focus. The sample shows off rapid arpeggios followed by simpler chords.

Categories: clean, lead

Mello Yello by adam (synthlib) on Feb 10, 2016

Nice, warm pad with slow build and long release

Categories: pad

Brassy Wah by adam (synthlib) on Feb 04, 2016

Nice, big attack with a little brassy flavor useful for chords, bass or leads

Categories: brass, bass, chord

BWAAH by adam (synthlib) on Jan 22, 2016

Clean synth bass with a closing envelope on the filter and a touch of resonance.

Categories: bass, resonance

Darkside by adam (synthlib) on Jan 12, 2016

Excited and dark at the same time. Useful for punchy and sustained chords.

Categories: dark, resonance

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Noise Transitioner by adam (synthlib) on Dec 31, 2015

It transitions…with noise…from one part to another part of yer song.

Categories: noise, transition

Full Beard by adam (synthlib) on Dec 16, 2015 1

Sonically dense and dark gradually expanding in tone to become bright. Makes for an interesting base to build upon.

Categories: pad, dark, bright

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ThatBass by adam (synthlib) on Dec 03, 2015

Here’s yet another bass patch. Slightly different from others around here. Maybe this is the one you were looking for :)

Categories: bass

Come Back Here by adam (synthlib) on Nov 25, 2015

Starts with a quick attack/decay for a percussive saw wave tone, gradually returning to full volume and quickly released.

Categories: staccato, percussive, saw, bright

Lingery by adam (synthlib) on Nov 18, 2015

Medium attack swooshes in the filter, then we cut off one oscillator quickly while letting the other linger on.

Categories: chord, bright

ResoB by adam (synthlib) on Nov 13, 2015

Almost a wah-like bass. Added resonance makes it talk.

Categories: bass, resonance

Fatness Squared by adam (synthlib) on Nov 09, 2015

Fuzz and whistle split an octave apart—great for parallel octaves or contrary motion.

Categories: bass, saw

FuzBah by adam (synthlib) on Nov 05, 2015

Staccato chords. Try adding tempo-synced delay to liven it up.

Categories: staccato, percussive

Darky Dark by adam (synthlib) on Nov 05, 2015

From the synthlib podcast, this is the intro tone. A dark tone moving bright. Nice for sequences or bass.

Categories: bass, dark, sequence

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Basic by adam (synthlib) on Nov 05, 2015

Poly-800 hello world patch

Categories: basic

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