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Korg microKORG presets

Virtual analog synthesizer/vocoder. Two oscillators per voice (4 when layered with timbres). Configurable filter type with its own envelope. Two LFOs, two envelopes, onboard effects, arpeggiator, modular-style virtual patch points. Enjoy these microKORG patches.

Ice chittering, kind of a shivering shaking xylophone knees kind of thing. Adjust the Arp A tempo and delay time/depth to suit the tempo and openness of your music. Created by modifying Thor’s Toy Piano (Thoracius Appotite).

Categories: delay, clean, atmospheric

Drunk Arp on Nov 23, 2019

Detuned and random arp patch

Categories: delay, arp, detune, random, arpeggio, lo-fi, digital

Mellow BoC-inspired detuned lead with lots of delay, mod wheel controls filter cutoff

Categories: lead, melodic, mono, delay, ambient, detune, clean, mellow, lo-fi, LFO, analog, downtempo

Grapple by synthlib on Sep 28, 2016

Taking advantage of the digital waves creates a unique and modern timbre with dark-to-bright swooshing from the LFO controlled filter.

Categories: delay, digital

Evil Ways by synthlib on Dec 18, 2015

Dark and bright and the same time, use the tempo-synced delays to create machine powered madness.

Categories: delay, rhythmic

Filler Bees by synthlib on Nov 20, 2015

Add some upper-range excitement to your arrangement with this bright, blippy tone. Sync the clock to MIDI for time-synced delay.

Categories: bright, delay, light

Echo Chords by synthlib on Oct 14, 2015

While making this patch, it reminded me of the beginning chords from Animal by Miike Snow. But after listening to the original, it doesn’t sound much like it. Still, it could be useful as prominent rhythmic chords.

Categories: chord, delay

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microKORG Patch Usage

Select any preset on the microKORG, then send the sysex data from the patches here using a MIDI system exclusive utility for your computer. The patch should load in “audition” mode on the microKORG. Play and tweak as needed, then save the new sound using the “Write” button.

If nothing happens when transmitting the sysex data, try setting the microKORG to receive on a different MIDI channel.

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