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Episode 004 - The Omnichord

Published: Aug 11, 2015 by Adam Anderson

It is popping up a lot lately--the Suzuki Omnichord. Let's have a listen to it and learn what makes it such a unique instrument. Warning: If you don't already want one, you might start dreaming of omnichords after this...
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Show Notes


The Omnichord looks like some kind of weird musical Millennium Falcon. Is it a toy or a serious musical instrument? We’ll, I’m sure it has been used as both. Its toy-like appearance means it shows up often at yard sales, goodwill and thrift stores. But those who know find its lo-fi strumming to be serenely soothing.

In the podcast episode, we learned how to strum by gliding a finger along the touch-sensitive ribbed strum panel. But first, engage the desired chord by pressing one or more of the chord buttons in the center area.

For more details, consult the manual for your corresponding Omnichord. Here are a few:


Other References

And, as promised in the podcast, here are examples of the Omnichord in use:

So pay attention and see if you can find it out in the wild.