SynthLib in 2022

by adam (synthlib) on Apr 21, 2022

SynthLib has been around for a number of years now. We’ve got a good start collecting synthesizer patches, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

When I started this site, my vision was to create the world’s best synthesizer patch library. That vision included both text-based patch settings and MIDI files (sysex). Until now, the site definitely prefers full text settings for a given patch. Why? Well, my idea was that it would help us all learn by seeing patch settings rather than just downloading a MIDI file. Sort of like learning how to cook by reading a recipe rather than by just eating.

I still think there’s some merit to that idea, but I’ve also come to realize a few problems with it. Looking at settings on a browser screen without hearing how they affect a sound in real-time is not super helpful. Also, modern synths seem to be getting more and more complex with more and more settings making it a burden to transfer those into SynthLib.

We aren’t going to do away with text-based patches (some vintage synths ONLY have that option). But we are going to make MIDI-only patches more common on the site. This also opens us up to start collecting patches for many more synths much quicker. (The text interface required a lot of manual work to define fields for each instrument).

I’ve got more features planned for the site. But I’m not quite ready to announce them. Meanwhile, get your patch design skills revved up…

adam (synthlib)

Adam started synthlib back in 2015 with a dream of helping synth fans make the most of their instruments.

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