Casio CZ Patches

Casio CZ presets

Casio’s pro line of synths from the 80’s using “Phase Distortion” synthesis. Includes CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, CZ-5000 and CZ-1 synthesizers.

Melodiblock by synthlib on May 04, 2016 3

Woody and percussive, but still modern and synthetic on purpose. Great for high-range counterpoint.

Categories: percussive

Twiggy by synthlib on Mar 18, 2016

Twangy percussive sound. Try it in arpeggios.

Categories: percussive

Apple Crisp by synthlib on Dec 12, 2015

Crisp, clear and percussive. It doesn’t get much more present than this.

Categories: lead, bass, percussive


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