created by adam (synthlib) on May 04, 2016. Related categories: percussive

Woody and percussive, but still modern and synthetic on purpose. Great for high-range counterpoint.

How To Look Good



Line Select 1+1'
Ring Modulation 0
Noise Modulation 0
Octave 0


Direction +
Oct 0
Note 0
Fine 9


Wave 1-Triangle
Delay 0
Rate 0
Depth 0
On/Off 0


2-Square 0-None
DCO1 Envelope
Sustain Step 1
End Step 1
Step1 Rate 0
Step1 Level 0


Key Follow 0
DCW1 Envelope
Sustain Step 1
End Step 2
Step1 Rate 99
Step1 Level 81
Step2 Rate 70
Step2 Level 0


Key Follow 0
DCA1 Envelope
Sustain Step 1
End Step 2
Step1 Rate 93
Step1 Level 99
Step2 Rate 50
Step2 Level 0


Feb 14, 2018

I’ve tried this patch multiple times, but it never sounds like the example. And I love the example!!! Any revisions??? Thx!

Feb 16, 2018

Dang. My CZ is on loan, but I’m going to try to get some time on it this weekend and see how I messed up this patch. I’m curious if you tried manually adding the params, or downloading the sysex or both?

Feb 26, 2018

There was definitely something wrong with the sysex on this patch. In fact I think most of CZ patches have the same problem. This one should work now. One problem I found is that the website doesn’t have a way to indicate when an ENV has no sustain step. (All 3 envelopes on this one should have no sustain step.) Anyway, the sysex should be fixed now.

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