DSI/Sequential Prophet 12 Patches

DSI/Sequential Prophet 12 presets

Massive 12-voice hybrid synth packed with modern digital building blocks and analog-like waveforms. Multiple LFOs, on-board effects and arpeggiator round out this full-featured instrument destined to become a classic. Patches here should work for both the desktop module and the keyboard version.

Gonna Be Uge AA by adam (synthlib) on May 06, 2022

A real speaker ripper. Just a lot going on here. Stacked and distorted. Use sparingly for accents, or lay it on thick to quickly overfill the mix. Loads into User Bank 3, Program 17.

Categories: distorted, power

ChorusPad AA by adam (synthlib) on May 06, 2022

Like a cozy blanket to warm your toes. Not too thick with a moderately long tail. Loads into User Bank 3, Program 1.

Categories: pad

One finger plays a dark sounding arpeggio on top of an evolving bass note. I may come back and fill in all the params at some point, but meanwhile you can load the sysex.

Categories: arpeggio, bass

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Prophet 12 Patch Usage

The Prophet 12 has a ton of parameters, huh? Hopefully the patch contributor uploaded a system exclusive file. If so, take note that the Prophet 12 sends the program back to the same bank/preset where it came from. Make sure you don’t have something important in that slot before uploading the preset to your synth!

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