Ensoniq ESQ-1 Patches

Ensoniq ESQ-1 presets

Digital Wave Synthesizer. This gem of a synth offers three digital oscillators, each with its own digitally controlled amplifier (DCA), which are mixed together to pass through its analog low pass filter. Modulation of pitch, volume, filter cutoff, etc. can be achieved using its three LFOs and/or its four envelopes. These ESQ-1 patches should also work nicely with any ESQ1 software emulation or with the Ensoniq SQ-80.

Eno by synthlib on Mar 22, 2016

Soundtrack like pad inspired by Brian Eno ambient tracks.

Categories: pad, ambient

MoSimple by synthlib on Mar 11, 2016

Simple sounding monophonic patch with a touch of glide.

Categories: lead, bass, mono

Baswah by synthlib on Mar 05, 2016

Fuzzier version of that slow wah bass.

Categories: bass, wah

Bwwaah by synthlib on Feb 23, 2016

Clean, simple, analog-like filter sweep built on a single oscillator.

Categories: clean

DaKulSound by synthlib on Feb 12, 2016

This monophonic tone can be used as a lead or a monster bass. The mod wheel is used to sweep the filter as needed.

Categories: lead, bass, mono

BZWIPT by synthlib on Feb 02, 2016

A percussive blip with a bit of a zap at the beginning when notes are played harder. Uses amplitude modulation for the metallic sound.

Categories: percussive

Square Section by synthlib on Jan 27, 2016

Like a string section except made up of square waves.

Categories: strings, square

Fuzzy Kitty by synthlib on Jan 18, 2016

Slight vowel sound from two synced square waves.

Categories: bass, bright, fuzz, vowel

Squared by synthlib on Jan 14, 2016

A mellow, almost flute-like lead tone. Use the mod wheel to bring in a touch of vibrato for a human feel.

Categories: lead, square

Get Away by synthlib on Jan 07, 2016

Inspired by the syncopated chords in “Time To Get Away” by LCD Soundsystem.

Categories: chord, resonance

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Oscillator Sync Example by synthlib on Jan 05, 2016

From the podcast, here is an example using oscillator sync to tweak the harmonic content of the patch.

Categories: bass

Roger Wilco by synthlib on Jan 01, 2016

Noise and computery sci-fi sound reminiscent of a space quest.

Categories: sound effect, noise

Mr. Bass by synthlib on Dec 23, 2015

Dynamic synth bass patch—play harder for brighter attack, softer for darker, rounder sound.

Categories: bass

Noise Drum by synthlib on Dec 15, 2015

This may sound wimpy, but mixed with other drums in a pattern, it works. It can fill the role of snare or claps. Some keys trigger metallic-like sounds.

Categories: percussion, noise

Kickin by synthlib on Dec 14, 2015

A replacement for the factory kick drum preset. This one has more tone like an 808. Use the mod wheel to open the filter even more for a metallic clang.

Categories: percussion

PerkyP by synthlib on Dec 10, 2015

Crisp and clear percussive tone. Use it to add extra punch to other sounds or as a standalone melodic element.

Categories: clean, percussive

Downlifter by synthlib on Dec 04, 2015

Simple and effective transitioner inspired by DJ mixes everywhere. The sample is dry, but you may want to drench it in reverb.

Categories: transition, sine

Come Back Here by synthlib on Dec 01, 2015

Starts with a quick attack/decay for a percussive saw wave tone, gradually returning to full volume and quickly released.

Categories: bright, saw, percussive

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Music Box Piano by synthlib on Nov 28, 2015

Light and bright, this tone features the presence of a music box with the sustain and fuller tone of a piano.

Categories: piano, bright

Wahzup by synthlib on Nov 21, 2015

Wah-like lead tone with a bit of resonance. Nice for single note transitions or tremolo chords.

Categories: resonance, wah


ESQ-1 Patch Usage

To load a patch sysex file, set up the ESQ-1 to receive sysex data: press the “Master” button and set ENABLE=KEYS+CT+PC+SS+SX. Then access any of the program select pages (where you choose a sound to play). Send the sysex data from your computer using any sysex utility. Upon completion, the ESQ-1 should prompt you to save the new patch. Play keys to audition the patch before saving.

If nothing happens when sending the file from the computer, try setting up the ESQ-1 to receive on different MIDI channels on the “Master” page.

From The Podcast

Episode 005 - Ensoniq ESQ-1