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Ensoniq ESQ-1 presets

Digital Wave Synthesizer. This gem of a synth offers three digital oscillators, each with its own digitally controlled amplifier (DCA), which are mixed together to pass through its analog low pass filter. Modulation of pitch, volume, filter cutoff, etc. can be achieved using its three LFOs and/or its four envelopes. These ESQ-1 patches should also work nicely with any ESQ1 software emulation or with the Ensoniq SQ-80.

Sweepy Head by synthlib on Nov 17, 2015

Slowly sweeping volume and filter makes for nice filler without being too dramatic. Add chorus for some blending and fattening.

Categories: pad, bright

Razzzy by synthlib on Nov 12, 2015

Piercing and a little distorted with a perfect 5th. Nice for bass lines to punch through the mix.

Categories: bass, resonance, fifths

Fantsy by synthlib on Nov 08, 2015

Nice and round in the bass, or light and spacious in the treble. Sustain notes for widening effect.

Categories: bass, light

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Airy Lead by synthlib on Nov 04, 2015

Ring modulated distortion make this lead tone grab your attention. Mix with a heavy arrangement for stark contrast.

Categories: lead, bright, distorted

Haunted Organ by synthlib on Oct 31, 2015

Just for Halloween, here’s a spooky organ that quickly descends into mayhem. Kid tested.

Categories: weird, organ

Icarus by synthlib on Oct 30, 2015

Stringy lead opening up to a brighter tone as it grows.

Categories: lead, strings, bright

Sizzle Strings by synthlib on Oct 26, 2015

Ring modulation adds some sizzle to these synth strings. Play harder for brighter tone.

Categories: pad, strings, bright

Download$ by synthlib on Oct 23, 2015

A slightly fuzzy lo-fi-ish lead with a quick delay. Don’t know why I called it Download$.

Categories: lead, bright, delay

Soft String Bass by synthlib on Oct 20, 2015

My take on an upright string bass played softly.

Categories: bass, acoustic

Squawker Lead by synthlib on Oct 16, 2015

Slightly squawky lead made of synced saw waves

Categories: lead, saw

SLOWOW by synthlib on Oct 13, 2015

A slow “wow” sound. The demo sound shows off chords, but this would work nice as a single note used to accent the beginning of a musical phrase in an arrangement.

Categories: basic, saw

Mean Auto Bass by synthlib on Oct 05, 2015

Growly bass with auto-alternating octaves. Adjust the speed of LFO1 to change the speed of the octaves.

Categories: bass, sequence, distorted

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Blippp by synthlib on Oct 01, 2015 2

Percussive bleep thing

Categories: percussion

Stutter and Wash by synthlib on Sep 29, 2015

A rapid stuttered tone accompanied with a slow wash, great for sustained chords.

Categories: stutter

CHUMAW by synthlib on Sep 25, 2015

A light, slightly fuzzy staccato sound perfect for rapid chords.

Categories: chord, staccato

2 Pianos + Strings by synthlib on Sep 22, 2015

Found on an old cartridge, then tweaked by me. Maybe not the most convincing pianos…or strings, but it works for a vintage feel or mixed with other instruments.

Categories: strings, piano

Mono Bass Resonant by synthlib on Sep 18, 2015

A monophonic bass with resonance—also works for lead. Use the wheel for vibrato.

Categories: lead, bass, mono

MAQIC by synthlib on Sep 17, 2015

Monophonic lead tone. Use the mod wheel to open the filter as needed.

Categories: lead, mono

BUILD? by synthlib on Sep 15, 2015 1

Some sort of massive pad with a gradual attack and long decay. Sounds like a mix of choir and strings.

Categories: pad, choir, strings

PDCAST by synthlib on Sep 11, 2015

Built on the fly during the synthlib.com podcast—in case you’re dying to have this sound for yourself :)

Categories: weird


ESQ-1 Patch Usage

To load a patch sysex file, set up the ESQ-1 to receive sysex data: press the “Master” button and set ENABLE=KEYS+CT+PC+SS+SX. Then access any of the program select pages (where you choose a sound to play). Send the sysex data from your computer using any sysex utility. Upon completion, the ESQ-1 should prompt you to save the new patch. Play keys to audition the patch before saving.

If nothing happens when sending the file from the computer, try setting up the ESQ-1 to receive on different MIDI channels on the “Master” page.

From The Podcast

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