Oscillating Fool

created by synthlib on Jan 19, 2016. Related categories: LFO, panning

Use the mod wheel to speed up the LFO just into the audio range, then back it off to expose the base tone.

microKORG Patch Usage

Select any preset on the microKORG, then send the sysex data from the patches here using a MIDI system exclusive utility for your computer. The patch should load in “audition” mode on the microKORG. Play and tweak as needed, then save the new sound using the “Write” button.

If nothing happens when transmitting the sysex data, try setting the microKORG to receive on a different MIDI channel.


Synth/Vocoder: Synth
Single/Layer: Single
Voice Assign: Poly


Transpose: 0
Tune: 0
Portamento: 0
Bend Range: 2
Vibrato Int: 0


Wave: Square
Control 1: 45
Control 2: 0


Wave: Saw
Oscillator Mod: Ring Sync
Semitone: 0
Tune: 0


OSC 1 Level: 127
OSC 2/Inst Level: 84
Noise Level: 0


Type: -24dB LPF
Cutoff: 40
Resonance: 0
Filter EG Int: 45
Filter Key Track: 0

Filter EG

Attack: 110
Decay: 95
Sustain: 64
Release: 78
EG Reset: On


Level: 127
Panpot: 0
Distortion: Off
Keybd Track: 0

Amp EG

Attack: 0
Decay: 64
Sustain: 127
Release: 77
EG Reset: On


Wave: Triangle
Key Sync: OFF
Tempo Sync: Off
Frequency: 16


Wave: Sine
Key Sync: OFF
Tempo Sync: Off
Frequency: 40

Patch 1

Source: LFO 2
Destination: OSC2 Tune
Mod Int: 30

Patch 2

Source: LFO 2
Destination: Pan
Mod Int: 45

Patch 3

Source: Mod Wheel
Destination: LFO2 Frequency
Mod Int: 60

Patch 4

Source: LFO 1
Destination: CutOff
Mod Int: 30

Mod FX

Type: Chorus/Flanger
LFO Speed: 30
Effect Depth: 20


Type: Stereo Delay
Tempo Sync: Off
Delay Time: 40
Delay Depth: 0


Low EQ Freq: 320Hz
Low EQ Gain: 0
Hi EQ Freq: 6kHz
Hi EQ Gain: 0

Arpeg. A

Tempo: 120
Resolution: 1/16
Gate: 80
Type: Up
Range: 1

Arpeg. B

Latch: Off
Swing: 0
Key Sync: Off
Last Step: 8


Enabled: Off

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