Korg microKORG Patches

Korg microKORG presets

Virtual analog synthesizer/vocoder. Two oscillators per voice (4 when layered with timbres). Configurable filter type with its own envelope. Two LFOs, two envelopes, onboard effects, arpeggiator, modular-style virtual patch points. Enjoy these microKORG patches.

Rainbow Bass by Ian Felpel on May 11, 2018 1

A deep mellow analog style bass sound used in a Boards of Canada cover.

Categories: bass, ambient, analog, basic, dark, lo-fi, mono, mellow

rated by 2 synth nerds

RGB Bass by Jonathan Fielder on Aug 28, 2017

A simple old style bass. (sysex file only, instructions are not filled in)

Categories: bass, analog

Limber Bass by adam (synthlib) on Mar 03, 2016

Round and deep bass with a clinkey attack.

Categories: bass

Ring Bass by adam (synthlib) on Feb 08, 2016

Using the ring mod to add some metallic clang to this resonant bass patch.

Categories: bass, ring mod

FattFuzz by adam (synthlib) on Jan 06, 2016

Thick, fuzzy bass tone for when you really want that bass to pop.

Categories: bass, mono, distorted

Tri Bass by adam (synthlib) on Dec 02, 2015

Triangle wave based patch with a little bit of saw and plenty of resonance for some bite. Very basic, but very effective.

Categories: bass, triangle

Alfie by adam (synthlib) on Nov 27, 2015

Simple saw patch useful for chords, bass, leads…just about anything.

Categories: saw, bass, lead, chord

rated by 1 synth nerd

Mean Bass by adam (synthlib) on Nov 24, 2015

Get out of the way. Use this fuzzy, resonant bass sparingly or it’ll take over.

Categories: bass


microKORG Patch Usage

Select any preset on the microKORG, then send the sysex data from the patches here using a MIDI system exclusive utility for your computer. The patch should load in “audition” mode on the microKORG. Play and tweak as needed, then save the new sound using the “Write” button.

If nothing happens when transmitting the sysex data, try setting the microKORG to receive on a different MIDI channel.

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