Mintaka's Horn

created by catchin__ on Oct 11, 2016. Related categories: brass, horn, LFO

Horns from the blue plant.

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Mother-32 Patch Usage

Some knobs are represented as 0-100% while others are -50 to 50. Hopefully it makes sense.



VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)

Frequency: 0
VCO Wave: Saw
Pulse Width: 0

VCO Modulation

VCO Mod Source: LFO
VCO Mod Amount: 30 %
VCO Mod Destination: Pulse Width

LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)

LFO Rate: 50 %
LFO Wave: Square

Mix (Voltage Controlled)

Mix: 30 %

VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter)

Cutoff: 60 %
VCF Mode: Low Pass
Resonance: 20 %

VCF Modulation

VCF Mod Source: EG
VCF Mod Amount: 20 %
VCF Mod Polarity: +

EG (Envelope Generator)

Attack: 10 %
Sustain: On
Decay: 55 %

VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

VCA Mode: EG
Volume: 50 %


Glide: 10 %
Tempo/Gate Length: 50 %
VC Mix: 50 %
Octave: 3
Assignable Output: Accent

Patch Cables

  • VC Mix (out) to VCO Linear FM (in)


Dec 18, 2016

what is assignable output? can someone explain knobs represented in the neg/-?

Jan 04, 2017

Sorry for the late reply. The assignable output is one of the patch points. The manual explains how to assign one of several things to this jack. In this case it looks like the default is in place and not really used. For the knobs I set up most of them as percentage turned from right-to-left. So, 50% is right in the middle.

Feb 22, 2017

excelente patch , string , cello , violin

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