Moog Mother-32 Patches

Moog Mother-32 presets

Analog, semi-modular synth which can be integrated into Eurorack modular setups. Patches here are for a single Mother-32 module with patching among its own connections.

Rockmore by synthlib on Jul 08, 2016 2

Designed to emulate Clara Rockmore’s masterful theremin tone. The triangle LFO performs the vibrato while the glide takes care of the hand moving up and down in the air.

Categories: theremin

rated by 3 synth nerds

Space Cadet by synthlib on Jul 06, 2016

LFO modulated pitch with healthy resonance makes this spacey, weird patch mysterious.

Categories: weird

rated by 2 synth nerds

PWM Lead by synthlib on Jul 01, 2016

Like it says, this lead tone takes advantage of PWM to fatten it up.

Categories: lead, pwm

rated by 6 synth nerds

Surf by synthlib on Jun 23, 2016 1

Soothing slow waves like the “surf” sound from the good old Casio SK-5.

Categories: sound effect, noise

rated by 2 synth nerds

DahDoot by synthlib on Jun 16, 2016 1

Percussive plink. The LFO gradually brightens and darkens the tone for a dynamic performance.

Categories: percussive

rated by 4 synth nerds

Lasery by synthlib on May 24, 2016

The low pass filter is used as the sound source with the resonance turned all the way up. Sweep the filter cutoff to go from low, meaty tones to higher-pitch laser sound.

Categories: sound effect

rated by 2 synth nerds

Get Enough by synthlib on Apr 28, 2016

Based on a classic Depeche Mode melody. Both sawtooth and pulse waves are mixed, and the moderate LFO adds a touch of a chorusey sound by modulating the pulse width.

Categories: lead

rated by 1 synth nerd

Slow Bass by synthlib on Apr 20, 2016

Slow, because of the slow attack and decay, this bass patch blends notes together in a pattern.

Categories: bass

rated by 4 synth nerds

Raw Lead by synthlib on Apr 11, 2016

Classic and simple lead tone

Categories: lead, basic

rated by 2 synth nerds

GameTime by synthlib on Mar 30, 2016

Sequenced bleeps and bloops with a percussive attack

Categories: sequence, percussive

rated by 1 synth nerd

Sequencer Bass by synthlib on Mar 10, 2016

From the manual, testing loading Mother-32 patches on the site.

Categories: bass

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Mother-32 Patch Usage

Some knobs are represented as 0-100% while others are -50 to 50. Hopefully it makes sense.

From The Podcast

Episode 012 - Moog Mother-32