Roland Juno 6/60 Patches

Roland Juno 6/60 presets

The Juno 6 and Juno 60 analog polyphonic synths offer quick editing with “one knob per function” design. Six voices of polyphony, only two waveform choices (plus a sub oscillator), resonant low-pass filter, one LFO, one envelope, on-board chorus and arpeggiator. Variable pulse width using pulse with modulation opens up sonic possibilities. These Juno 6 patches can also work as Juno 60 patches, JU-06 patches, and any software emulation.

Pierced by synthlib on Aug 01, 2016

Piercing, shrill and bright with long sustain and gradual darkening.

Categories: bright, clean, sustained

Chord Magic by synthlib on Feb 25, 2016

The filter-controlled envelope really shines here. Useful for full, sustained chords.

Categories: chord, bright

Solar Flare by synthlib on Feb 01, 2016

Bright sizzle decaying to warmth. Use the hold button for long, overlapping tones.

Categories: bright, ambient

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Big Boy Now by synthlib on Jan 17, 2016

Bigger than life patch for chords, bass, really anything that needs to be bigger.

Categories: lead, bass, bright

Arrptastic by synthlib on Nov 30, 2015

Made for arpeggiation, this patch almost sounds like the crazy modular music the kids are making these days. Set the Juno’s arpeggiator to up/down, range: 2 while playing interesting chords.

Categories: bright, arp, arpeggio

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Sweepy Head by synthlib on Nov 11, 2015

Filter and volume sweep together plus fat Roland chorus.

Categories: pad, bright

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Bigger Brighter by synthlib on Nov 06, 2015

Huge, bright, attention-grabbing chords.

Categories: chord, bright

Sundrops by synthlib on Nov 02, 2015

Super bright and percussive. Add top-end excitement to your arrangement.

Categories: lead, bright, percussion

Starry by synthlib on Sep 29, 2015

Bright with a gradual moving filter and shimmery chorus

Categories: chord, bright

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