Roland Juno 6/60 Patches

Roland Juno 6/60 presets

The Juno 6 and Juno 60 analog polyphonic synths offer quick editing with “one knob per function” design. Six voices of polyphony, only two waveform choices (plus a sub oscillator), resonant low-pass filter, one LFO, one envelope, on-board chorus and arpeggiator. Variable pulse width using pulse with modulation opens up sonic possibilities. These Juno 6 patches can also work as Juno 60 patches, JU-06 patches, and any software emulation.

Star Wars Lasers by synthlib on Dec 17, 2015

To celebrate the new Star Wars movie coming out this week, here is a spacey laser effect.

Categories: sound effect

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Cheesy Organ by synthlib on Dec 07, 2015

Get that vintage lo-fi transistor organ sound. Trigger the vibrato with the LFO trigger button near the bender.

Categories: organ, lo-fi

Arrptastic by synthlib on Nov 30, 2015

Made for arpeggiation, this patch almost sounds like the crazy modular music the kids are making these days. Set the Juno’s arpeggiator to up/down, range: 2 while playing interesting chords.

Categories: bright, arp, arpeggio

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Singer Pad by synthlib on Nov 23, 2015

Makes your Juno sing with a warm and resonant tone that fluctuates slightly in pitch and tone for a human feel.

Categories: pad, resonance

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Reza by synthlib on Nov 19, 2015

Simple lead tone with a nice resonant boost on the filter. Use the bender set to control DCO for pitch bending.

Categories: lead, resonance

Glassy by synthlib on Nov 16, 2015

Clean and clear electronic lead somewhere between a harp and electric piano.

Categories: lead, clean

Sweepy Head by synthlib on Nov 11, 2015

Filter and volume sweep together plus fat Roland chorus.

Categories: pad, bright

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Bigger Brighter by synthlib on Nov 06, 2015

Huge, bright, attention-grabbing chords.

Categories: chord, bright

Sundrops by synthlib on Nov 02, 2015

Super bright and percussive. Add top-end excitement to your arrangement.

Categories: lead, bright, percussion

Clean Bass by synthlib on Oct 29, 2015

Versatile clean bass—almost like a bass guitar

Categories: bass, clean

Vowel by synthlib on Oct 24, 2015

Trying to push the limits of the Juno 6 with a choir patch. This might work with lots of reverb.

Categories: choir

Synthy Strings by synthlib on Oct 21, 2015

Wonderfully unrealistic string sound with LFO controlled pulse width modulation and envelope controlled filter with resonance. Use it anywhere strings could work, but you want something un-natural.

Categories: pad, strings

Piano-like by synthlib on Oct 17, 2015

If you need a piano sound and all you have is a Juno 6, this might work. Not exactly a piano, but plays like one.

Categories: piano

Mellow Glue by synthlib on Oct 15, 2015

These low-key chords will glue a sparse mix together.

Categories: pad, chord

Percussive Bass by synthlib on Oct 12, 2015

Starts with a click adding some extra presence when mixed with the bass drum.

Categories: bass

Tommy by synthlib on Oct 07, 2015

Horribly electronic tom toms. Good for 80s reminiscing.

Categories: percussion

Aciddy Bass by synthlib on Oct 02, 2015

Highly resonant bass tone like you might find on a TB-303.

Categories: bass

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Brassy Lead by synthlib on Sep 30, 2015

Brass horn inspired lead. Use the bender to dynamically adjust the filter while playing to simulate the air moving faster or slower through the horn.

Categories: brass, horn

Starry by synthlib on Sep 29, 2015

Bright with a gradual moving filter and shimmery chorus

Categories: chord, bright

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Another Synth Bass by synthlib on Sep 23, 2015

Here’s a useful synth bass with a fairly open filter and resonance for lots of sizzle. Hold notes for a bit of LFO vibrato.

Categories: bass