Korg microKORG Patches

Korg microKORG presets

Virtual analog synthesizer/vocoder. Two oscillators per voice (4 when layered with timbres). Configurable filter type with its own envelope. Two LFOs, two envelopes, onboard effects, arpeggiator, modular-style virtual patch points. Enjoy these microKORG patches.

Downlifter by adam (synthlib) on Dec 05, 2015

Simple and effective transitioner inspired by DJ mixes everywhere. The sample is dry, but you may want to drench it in reverb.

Categories: transition, sine

Tri Bass by adam (synthlib) on Dec 02, 2015

Triangle wave based patch with a little bit of saw and plenty of resonance for some bite. Very basic, but very effective.

Categories: bass, triangle

Alfie by adam (synthlib) on Nov 27, 2015

Simple saw patch useful for chords, bass, leads…just about anything.

Categories: saw, bass, lead, chord

rated by 1 synth nerd

Mean Bass by adam (synthlib) on Nov 24, 2015

Get out of the way. Use this fuzzy, resonant bass sparingly or it’ll take over.

Categories: bass

Filler Bees by adam (synthlib) on Nov 20, 2015

Add some upper-range excitement to your arrangement with this bright, blippy tone. Sync the clock to MIDI for time-synced delay.

Categories: bright, light, delay

rated by 1 synth nerd

Fade To White by adam (synthlib) on Nov 14, 2015

Starts mellow and mysterious gradually opening up almost to static. Employs a sharp release for dramatic effect.

Categories: mellow, noise, dark

rated by 3 synth nerds

Randomly changing pitch creates a robotic sound effect. Employs a long release making the effect appear to live on forever. The sample is a single key press.

Categories: sound effect, weird, random

Moldy Bread by adam (synthlib) on Nov 07, 2015

Gentle and melodic. This simple patch shows off the microkorg’s analog modeling.

Categories: basic, clean, melodic

rated by 2 synth nerds

Vintage Strings by adam (synthlib) on Nov 03, 2015

Warm and fuzzy like an old string machine.

Categories: strings

Just a simple percussive tone set to an arpeggio to mix with hi-hats at 1/8th or 1/16th notes. Try syncing the synth to midi (turn bottom knob to MIDI, then adjust knob 3.)

Categories: percussion, sequence, rhythmic, plucked

rated by 1 synth nerd

Morse Was Here by adam (synthlib) on Oct 27, 2015

Stuttered melodic lines interrupted by sample & hold LFO.

Categories: weird, rhythmic

Communicator by adam (synthlib) on Oct 22, 2015

Tuned percussive tone useful for secondary lines in an arrangement. The arpeggiator is used to as an extension of the delay.

Categories: percussion, rhythmic, arp, bright

Moonchild by adam (synthlib) on Oct 19, 2015

Spacey drawn-out notes with multiple LFOs controlling the filter for an unstable tone.

Categories: pad, ambient

rated by 1 synth nerd

Echo Chords by adam (synthlib) on Oct 14, 2015

While making this patch, it reminded me of the beginning chords from Animal by Miike Snow. But after listening to the original, it doesn’t sound much like it. Still, it could be useful as prominent rhythmic chords.

Categories: delay, chord

rated by 1 synth nerd

Gun Lead by adam (synthlib) on Oct 09, 2015

Distorted, piercing lead sound Inspired by “Gun” by CHVRCHES.

Categories: lead, bright, distorted

rated by 2 synth nerds

Tron by adam (synthlib) on Oct 06, 2015

Spacey slow building chords with gradually opening and closing filter.

Categories: pad, bright

rated by 1 synth nerd

One Finger Chords by adam (synthlib) on Oct 06, 2015

One finger launches a chord in an interesting rhythm thanks to the arpeggiator. Combine two notes for complex harmonies.

Categories: trance, chord, sequence

rated by 3 synth nerds

Basic by adam (synthlib) on Oct 06, 2015

The “hello world” of patches for microKORG

Categories: basic


microKORG Patch Usage

Select any preset on the microKORG, then send the sysex data from the patches here using a MIDI system exclusive utility for your computer. The patch should load in “audition” mode on the microKORG. Play and tweak as needed, then save the new sound using the “Write” button.

If nothing happens when transmitting the sysex data, try setting the microKORG to receive on a different MIDI channel.

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