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Mar 24, 2017

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Funky Lead on Apr 17, 2017 Mother-32

Fat funky lead sound with PWM. You can modulate the puls width by using the mod wheel—provided your master keyboard sends the mod wheel control change messages on MIDI CC #1.

Categories: lead

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Star Wars on Mar 27, 2017 Mother-32

Typical laser sound. Play with the LFO rate to give the sound more expression.

Categories: light, sound effect

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Theremin on Mar 26, 2017 Mother-32

This preset is based on SynthLib’s Rockmore preset. It produces the famous Theremin sound. In contrast to SynthLib’s Rockmore, this preset allows you to use the modulation wheel of your master keyboard in order to change the sound volume. This is an im…

Categories: theremin

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Jump Up The Pam on Mar 25, 2017 Mother-32 2

Nice Eurodance bass sound. In case you do not feel the need to dance, consult your doctor. ;-)

Categories: bass

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