adam (synthlib)

adam (synthlib)

Adam started synthlib back in 2015 with a dream of helping synth fans make the most of their instruments.

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Jun 25, 2015

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Ginger's Pad on Jul 19, 2016 CZ

Hauntingly smooth pad with ridiculously long release time.

Categories: pad

Zipper Bass on Jul 18, 2016 ESQ-1

This synth bass has some sizzle on the attack, but not too overpowering. Osc sync gives it a unique texture.

Categories: bass, sync

Rockmore on Jul 08, 2016 Mother-32 2

Designed to emulate Clara Rockmore’s masterful theremin tone. The triangle LFO performs the vibrato while the glide takes care of the hand moving up and down in the air.

Categories: theremin

rated by 3 synth nerds

Wicked Game on Jul 07, 2016 ESQ-1

Not that wicked game. This one sounds like a video game tone, but creepy. Use as an effect or transitioner.

Categories: transition, weird

Space Cadet on Jul 06, 2016 Mother-32

LFO modulated pitch with healthy resonance makes this spacey, weird patch mysterious.

Categories: weird

rated by 2 synth nerds

PWM Lead on Jul 01, 2016 Mother-32

Like it says, this lead tone takes advantage of PWM to fatten it up.

Categories: lead, pwm

rated by 6 synth nerds

Revel on Jun 30, 2016 Juno 6/60

This one feels like it is sounding in reverse due to the longer attack time and quick cutoff. Even more backwards: play legato for shorter, abrupt sounds. Play staccato for slightly sustained sounds.

Categories: lead, reverse, strings

Radzic on Jun 28, 2016 ESQ-1 1

Two sine waves detuned and synced provide sizzle and rhythm with a smooth tone in the background. Named after my old friend, Gene.

Categories: sync, rhythmic

Padrick on Jun 27, 2016 Juno 6/60

Smooth, mellow pad. The filter starts out completely closed, with the envelope and keyboard range opening it up.

Categories: pad

Surf on Jun 23, 2016 Mother-32 1

Soothing slow waves like the “surf” sound from the good old Casio SK-5.

Categories: noise, sound effect

rated by 2 synth nerds

Number 5 on Jun 17, 2016 Juno 6/60

In case you were wondering what it sounded like with everything set to “5” (or 50%)

Categories: weird, wobble

DahDoot on Jun 16, 2016 Mother-32 1

Percussive plink. The LFO gradually brightens and darkens the tone for a dynamic performance.

Categories: percussive

rated by 4 synth nerds

Carl on Jun 15, 2016 microKORG

A screamer with distortion and delay. Good attention grabber.

Categories: distorted

StringnBrass on Jun 14, 2016 ESQ-1

Sort of brassy, sort of stringey at the same time. The envelope controls the filter cutoff making it feel dynamic.

Categories: brass, strings

Squirly on May 27, 2016 Poly 800

Filter resonance is set pretty high while the cutoff is modulated dramatically with an envelope. Starts out sounding like a percussive sound, then evolves into a pad-like sustain.

Categories: sweep, pad, resonance

Bowser on May 25, 2016 Juno 6/60

Barky tone good for percussive chords. With the filter resonance relatively high, the envelope quickly sweeps the cutoff while also modulating pulse width.

Categories: chords, resonance

Lasery on May 24, 2016 Mother-32

The low pass filter is used as the sound source with the resonance turned all the way up. Sweep the filter cutoff to go from low, meaty tones to higher-pitch laser sound.

Categories: sound effect

rated by 2 synth nerds

Swooshy on May 23, 2016 microKORG

Rapid pitches descending into dark noise. Use this as a transition between song sections.

Categories: noise, sound effect, transition

Ghostly on May 21, 2016 ESQ-1

Haunting lead with panning and extra, unexpected voices

Categories: lead, sound effect

Sync Lead on May 11, 2016 ESQ-1

That “wow” sound comes from using oscillator sync together with envelope control of Oscillator 2’s frequency.

Categories: sync, lead