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adam (synthlib)

Adam started synthlib back in 2015 with a dream of helping synth fans make the most of their instruments.

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Jun 25, 2015

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Brassy Wah on Feb 04, 2016 Poly 800

Nice, big attack with a little brassy flavor useful for chords, bass or leads

Categories: brass, bass, chord

BZWIPT on Feb 02, 2016 ESQ-1

A percussive blip with a bit of a zap at the beginning when notes are played harder. Uses amplitude modulation for the metallic sound.

Categories: percussive

Solar Flare on Feb 01, 2016 Juno 6/60

Bright sizzle decaying to warmth. Use the hold button for long, overlapping tones.

Categories: ambient, bright

rated by 1 synth nerd

Air on Jan 28, 2016 microKORG

Another experiment with rapidly speeding up LFOs—this time with more high-frequency content.

Categories: LFO, ambient

rated by 1 synth nerd

Square Section on Jan 27, 2016 ESQ-1

Like a string section except made up of square waves.

Categories: strings, square

Lead Me Home on Jan 26, 2016 Juno 6/60 2

Pretend the Juno has a mono mode for this lead. Use the LFO trigger to bring in vibrato on longer notes.

Categories: mono, lead

BWAAH on Jan 22, 2016 Poly 800

Clean synth bass with a closing envelope on the filter and a touch of resonance.

Categories: bass, resonance

Step Down, Man on Jan 21, 2016 CZ

Glide down in pitch gradually in a spacey transitioner effect.

Categories: sound effect, transition

Oscillating Fool on Jan 19, 2016 microKORG

Use the mod wheel to speed up the LFO just into the audio range, then back it off to expose the base tone.

Categories: LFO, panning

Fuzzy Kitty on Jan 18, 2016 ESQ-1

Slight vowel sound from two synced square waves.

Categories: bright, fuzz, bass, vowel

Big Boy Now on Jan 17, 2016 Juno 6/60

Bigger than life patch for chords, bass, really anything that needs to be bigger.

Categories: bright, bass, lead

Squared on Jan 14, 2016 ESQ-1

A mellow, almost flute-like lead tone. Use the mod wheel to bring in a touch of vibrato for a human feel.

Categories: lead, square

Mr. Drummin on Jan 13, 2016 CZ

Toms and low kick drum sounds for the Casio CZ

Categories: percussion

Darkside on Jan 12, 2016 Poly 800

Excited and dark at the same time. Useful for punchy and sustained chords.

Categories: dark, resonance

rated by 1 synth nerd

PowPow on Jan 11, 2016 microKORG

Short and slightly stabby great for accent chords.

Categories: chord

rated by 2 synth nerds

Thin Bass on Jan 08, 2016 Juno 6/60

Why does every one want a fat bass? Who knows. Here’s a thin one.

Categories: bass

Get Away on Jan 07, 2016 ESQ-1

Inspired by the syncopated chords in “Time To Get Away” by LCD Soundsystem.

Categories: chord, resonance

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FattFuzz on Jan 06, 2016 microKORG

Thick, fuzzy bass tone for when you really want that bass to pop.

Categories: bass, mono, distorted

Oscillator Sync Example on Jan 05, 2016 ESQ-1

From the podcast, here is an example using oscillator sync to tweak the harmonic content of the patch.

Categories: bass

Plucked Lead on Jan 04, 2016 Juno 6/60

Starts out with a harp-like pluck, then sustained with a synthy tone.

Categories: plucked, lead