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adam (synthlib)

Adam started synthlib back in 2015 with a dream of helping synth fans make the most of their instruments.

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Jun 25, 2015

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Melodiblock on May 04, 2016 CZ 3

Woody and percussive, but still modern and synthetic on purpose. Great for high-range counterpoint.

Categories: percussive

Shakera on May 02, 2016 microKORG

A shaker with some groove. Bring up the resonance for more of a rattle sound.

Categories: percussion

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Weeble on Apr 29, 2016 Juno 6/60

Using the LFO as the primary filter modulation source makes some fantastic wobble chords. Adjust the LFO speed to match your tempo.

Categories: wobble, chords

Brazzy on Apr 28, 2016 ESQ-1

Brass-like tone not meant to mimic actual brass instruments. Useful for short, prominent chords. Longer notes brighten up over time.

Categories: chords, brass

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Get Enough on Apr 28, 2016 Mother-32

Based on a classic Depeche Mode melody. Both sawtooth and pulse waves are mixed, and the moderate LFO adds a touch of a chorusey sound by modulating the pulse width.

Categories: lead

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Bright Organ on Apr 26, 2016 Poly 800

Creating a decent organ patch for the Poly 800 proved to be difficult. Here’s an attempt.

Categories: organ

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Rock Organ on Apr 25, 2016 ESQ-1

Full organ with lots of harmonics and a cheesy, but effective leslie simulation on the mod wheel.

Categories: organ

60's Solo on Apr 21, 2016 B3

Bright, vintage lead

Categories: lead, organ

Slow Bass on Apr 20, 2016 Mother-32

Slow, because of the slow attack and decay, this bass patch blends notes together in a pattern.

Categories: bass

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Wobly1 on Apr 12, 2016 ESQ-1

LFO controlled filter modulation at a moderate speed makes these chords wobble.

Categories: chords, wobble

Raw Lead on Apr 11, 2016 Mother-32

Classic and simple lead tone

Categories: basic, lead

rated by 2 synth nerds

Vahmn on Mar 31, 2016 Poly 800

Wobbly chords. Adjust the LFO speed for faster or slower wobble

Categories: chords, wobble

GameTime on Mar 30, 2016 Mother-32

Sequenced bleeps and bloops with a percussive attack

Categories: sequence, percussive

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Stringey Lead on Mar 29, 2016 Juno 6/60

Add bender-controlled pitch variation for a vintage feel to this string-like lead tone.

Categories: strings, lead

WobblyChords on Mar 25, 2016 microKORG

The LFO makes it wobble, and is tempo-synced. Use MIDI or the tempo knob to adjust wobble speed.

Categories: chords, rhythmic

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Eno on Mar 22, 2016 ESQ-1

Soundtrack like pad inspired by Brian Eno ambient tracks.

Categories: ambient, pad

Twiggy on Mar 18, 2016 CZ

Twangy percussive sound. Try it in arpeggios.

Categories: percussive

Zorra on Mar 16, 2016 Poly 800

Fuzzy, simple bass patch with almost no filter or envelope. Super basic.

Categories: bass, basic

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Dreamodular on Mar 15, 2016 microKORG

This microkorg dreamt it was a modular synth and woke up singing this tune.

Categories: sequence

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That High Part on Mar 14, 2016 Juno 6/60

Chorusey plucked sound. Nice for high arpeggios.

Categories: plucked