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Matty Blades by Matt Luney on Feb 18, 2018 ESQ-1 6

CS80 “Blade Runner” Brass Sound, GREAT with a good reverb!!!! The audio mix also has a lower pad below it to help the lead shine. the last half of the audio is dry with no reverb, only the melody is the patch here for download.

Categories: brass

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A bell sound

A synth patch that sounds like the synth from Kaini Industries.

Categories: lead, analog

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Mellow BoC-inspired detuned lead with lots of delay, mod wheel controls filter cutoff

Categories: ambient, downtempo, analog, lead, clean, mono, delay, detune, LFO, mellow, lo-fi, melodic

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first patch by average grief on Jan 10, 2018 Mother-32

no idea here

Round Bass by John Kelly on Dec 13, 2017 Mother-32

Just storing a nice bass patch.

Categories: bass

Ivan bass 1 on Oct 23, 2017 Mother-32

Nice smooth funk bass

Categories: bass

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Randomizer by goldkalb on Sep 03, 2017 Mother-32

use vc mix to increase randomness. dont know if all the patching makes really sense but it was fun so what. feel free to correct me!

Categories: acoustic, plucked, random

City Horn by Jonathan Fielder on Aug 28, 2017 microKORG

A brassy lead with a moderate detuning pitch. Lots of delay and a longer release.

A swelling synth in mono. Slight detuning of the oscillators. (sysex file only, instructions are not filled in)

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RGB Bass by Jonathan Fielder on Aug 28, 2017 microKORG

A simple old style bass. (sysex file only, instructions are not filled in)

Categories: bass, analog

One finger plays a dark sounding arpeggio on top of an evolving bass note. I may come back and fill in all the params at some point, but meanwhile you can load the sysex.

Categories: arpeggio, bass

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SnaDrm by adam (synthlib) on Jun 30, 2017 ESQ-1

Well, isn’t exactly a snare drum, but it can serve the same purpose.

Categories: percussion

AFX by Waggz on Jun 18, 2017 Mother-32 1


Categories: lead, dark

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WOOD 3 by bluesgut on Jun 07, 2017 ESQ-1

“cross between a marimba and steel drum. for tuned percussion parts” -From Tansoniq Hacker issue #30, pg. 24 (Credit to Mescal Music)

Categories: percussion, clean

JUNKER by bluesgut on Jun 07, 2017 ESQ-1

Example of AM feature. This recreates the sound of an old Volkswagon or lawnmower motor, complete with “a loose nut on the carburetor” From Transoniq Hacker Issue #30, pg. 21 (Credit to Jim Johnson)

Categories: sound effect

Forbidden Id by flatlandcycle on Jun 06, 2017 Mother-32

syfy bubbliness on Mother-32 plus Echo from Behringer RV600
self generating, play empty sequence

Categories: weird, sound effect

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ASSIGN (8) Randomly triggers LFO, LFO triggers RUN/STOP
Derived from @zacharyradford “Moog Mother 32 Self-playing Patch” on Youtube.

Categories: weird, random

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Dark Bass by Danilo Prates on Apr 28, 2017 Microbrute

Categories: analog, ambient, acoustic

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Funky Lead by Frahmwork on Apr 17, 2017 Mother-32

Fat funky lead sound with PWM. You can modulate the puls width by using the mod wheel—provided your master keyboard sends the mod wheel control change messages on MIDI CC #1.

Categories: lead

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