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Star Wars by Frahmwork on Mar 27, 2017 Mother-32

Typical laser sound. Play with the LFO rate to give the sound more expression.

Categories: light, sound effect

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Theremin by Frahmwork on Mar 26, 2017 Mother-32

This preset is based on SynthLib’s Rockmore preset. It produces the famous Theremin sound. In contrast to SynthLib’s Rockmore, this preset allows you to use the modulation wheel of your master keyboard in order to change the sound volume. This is an im…

Categories: theremin

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Nice Eurodance bass sound. In case you do not feel the need to dance, consult your doctor. ;-)

Categories: bass

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VowPow by adam (synthlib) on Jan 09, 2017 microKORG

Percussive blip with a hint of human vowel.

Categories: percussive

BD1 by adam (synthlib) on Jan 04, 2017 Mother-32

Sounds like a bass drum in the lower range, maybe toms or snare in the upper. Extend the EG decay for those longer, sustained kicks.

Categories: percussion

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Kikit by adam (synthlib) on Jan 03, 2017 ESQ-1 2

Here’s another bass drum. Cleaner and punchier than my last attempt. The sample shows off this patch alone, then part of a pattern.

Categories: percussion

Moogy Lead by adam (synthlib) on Jan 01, 2017 microKORG

A nice moog-style mono tone with a touch of glide and added brightness with higher velocity.

Categories: mono, lead

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hancedigg by yohance Willims on Dec 25, 2016 Circuit

Categories: mellow

nasal FM pluck by Daniel on Nov 09, 2016 Mother-32

From the Throat by catchin__ on Oct 18, 2016 Mother-32

Categories: analog, delay, LFO, plucked

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Breton Paddles by catchin__ on Oct 11, 2016 Mother-32

Reverb and delay to flavor.

Categories: plucked, sequence, clean, square, analog

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Horns from the blue plant.

Categories: brass, horn, LFO

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Pomp by adam (synthlib) on Sep 30, 2016 microKORG

A sort of classic synth tone with analog waves and filter cutoff controlled by the envelope with plenty of resonance. Chorus and delay round it out.

Categories: basic, analog, resonance

Slopit! by adam (synthlib) on Sep 29, 2016 microKORG

Using slow LFO pitch modulation to create unstable-sounding oscillators like you might find in old, analog gear. This is similar to the “slop” setting on newer DSI prophets.

Categories: vintage, analog, basic

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Grapple by adam (synthlib) on Sep 28, 2016 microKORG

Taking advantage of the digital waves creates a unique and modern timbre with dark-to-bright swooshing from the LFO controlled filter.

Categories: digital, delay

Relaxed, light lead tone reminiscent of vintage movie soundtracks. The Juno 6 has stable oscillators, but we use the LFO to make it sound unstable.

Categories: lead

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MoonBeam by adam (synthlib) on Aug 30, 2016 Juno 6/60

LFO-modulated pulse width plus a darker filter make for some spacey, moving chords.

Categories: pwm, ambient

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Monophonic lead tone with a bit of growl on the attack and a touch of glide between notes.

Categories: lead

Shimmerd by adam (synthlib) on Aug 25, 2016 ESQ-1

Rhythmic shimmering from LFO-controlled amp and filter. Gradually brightens as notes are held, and swooshes darker as notes are released.

Categories: rhythmic, bright

Verbed by adam (synthlib) on Aug 23, 2016 ESQ-1 1

The ESQ-1 has no reverb, but this eerie patch makes it sound like it does with long release times and LFO-modulated pitch during the release. It also shows how to use some of the less-standard oscillator waves.

Categories: ambient, bright, light, vintage

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