Latest Synth Patches

Unstable-sounding oscillators plus some noise make for a vintage tone. Use it sparingly to accent certain chords.

Categories: dirty, power, vintage

rated by 2 synth nerds

Pierced by adam (synthlib) on Aug 01, 2016 Juno 6/60

Piercing, shrill and bright with long sustain and gradual darkening.

Categories: bright, clean, sustained

Sample & Hold using High Pass

Categories: random

Sample & Hold by RayGunMD on Jul 30, 2016 Mother-32 3

Sample & Hold

Categories: random

rated by 2 synth nerds

Grounded by adam (synthlib) on Jul 25, 2016 CZ

Deep, round and smooth bass. Play in mono mode to roboticize the cutoff between notes.

Categories: bass

Ginger's Pad by adam (synthlib) on Jul 19, 2016 CZ

Hauntingly smooth pad with ridiculously long release time.

Categories: pad

Zipper Bass by adam (synthlib) on Jul 18, 2016 ESQ-1

This synth bass has some sizzle on the attack, but not too overpowering. Osc sync gives it a unique texture.

Categories: bass, sync

aNgrYbaSS by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Very raw aggressive mono bass. Sharp attack, quick release. Almost square wave sounding. Bright resonant filter mapped to CC74.

Categories: bass, mono, bright, clean, dark

SMOTHvOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

My favorite patch. Somehow reminiscent of Aphex Twin. Ringing bright organ like sound. Pleasing to the ear.

Categories: choir, ambient, mellow

deLaYVOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Interesting use of envelopes to create a pseudo echo effect. Plucky. When note is held repeats begin.

Categories: bass, melodic, ambient, mellow, arpeggio, panning

deTUNeD by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Ominous low bass with swelling attack. Good for dark heavy chords.

Categories: bass, chords, melodic, resonance

diST VOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Slower attack, mellow with an emerging resonant overtone. Filter mapped to CC74.

Categories: distorted, bright

NoIZEVOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Burst of UFO launching sound.

Categories: sound effect

MONoTime by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Bright sawtooth sounding FM. Analog’ish with low filter cutoff. Assigned to CC74.

Categories: bright, mono, motion, wobble

MOVingVICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Plucked sound with shimmering filter effects, drenched reverb, mid-long release, cycling hold.

Categories: ambient, bright, delay, plucked

hUMaNVOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

NOT a human sounding voice. Distorted, wah.

Categories: distorted, wah, vowel

SWelLVOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Gentle, subtle melodic sound. A bit Vangelis. Panning echoing reverb.

Categories: ambient, clean, mellow, panning, wobble

DuLl chIME by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Sitar meets gong. Hints at kettle drum.

Categories: percussive

Very LOng by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Evolving voice. Harsh. Descending digital airplane. More than a minute long. Panning warbling sub frequencies. Shocking bright release.

Categories: ambient, dark, distorted, lo-fi, noise, motion, random, sound effect, weird, wobble

Slow VOICE by Ryan on Jul 12, 2016 TG77

Eerie hollow poly voice.

Categories: fifths, mellow, melodic, pad